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Travel musts and some other things

Posted on 14 December 2016

Ready for your next vacation? Here are a few must haves to pack before you board that plane. 


I've compiled a list of what I think are essentials to have before you head off, whether you are taking a quick flight or you're in for a long haul. We all know that when it comes to traveling things can go super smooth or they could make you want to cancel it all together, don't do that though because the vacation will definetly be worth it once you get there. 

Vitamin packets - When you go through an airport you are encountering a lot of people, in close proximity, and you do not what the first few days of your trip to be spent in bed with a bug. Emergen-C tangerine packets are my favorite. Just pour it in your bottle of water on the way to the airport and if you are on an overnight or long flight they are good to keep on hand for the last leg of the trip too. 

Compact charger and worldwide plug - an absolute must to both. No one wants to land at their destination with a dead phone and if you are traveling internationally make sure you have a worldwide plug so that you can plug in anywhere theres a plug available. 

Travel toothpaste and toothbrush - I think this is an obvious one but I have forgotten before a long flight and had to rely on gum. Its always nice to keep the pearly whites clean when traveling. For some reason I don't feel fresh unless my teeth are clean. 

Standout luggage tags - If you have e black bag, like everyone else at the airport, invest in a standout luggage tag. This makes it so much easier to identify your bag and, better yet, let others know it's not theirs. There are so many super cute ones you can find these days too. Choose one that represents you or where you are going.

Carry on quart sized bags - some airports will provide them and some won't. Ive had to throw away expensive lotions and creams because I forget a bag and there was nothing I could do about it. Don't make that mistake!

Dry shampoo - nothing is worse than airplane hair; flat, staticy and not as fresh as you would like. Dry shampoo is the best way to get some volume back in your locks and smelling fresh. My favorite is Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Powder - it does wonders and I think the powder is better than the spray because it'll absorb everything. 

Comfy shoes and a pair of socks - I have seen women get on an overnight plane in high heels and although they looked great, ouch! My feet always swell from the pressure so I wear comfy flats. Flats are easy to slip on and off through security checks and when on the plane. Soludos are great for a more casual look and feel but if you still want to have that style, there are plenty of options out there. 

Travel jewelry case - Theres nothing like spending over an hour trying to carefully untangle your jewelry. Get that time back by simply investing in a travel jewelry case. It keeps everything organized and untangled. 

Travel pillow - I honestly do not know why it took me years of traveling to finally invest in a travel pillow, they are amazing! When my husband won't let me use his shoulder or lap, I use my pillow, plus he moves a lot. There are so many different kinds out there, do not get the inflatable ones, they deflate so fast. A soft plush pillow you can wrap up or one that is higher than the traditional neck pillow are my go to because I like to have my head elevated higher than shoulder level. 

Travel journal - When I first set out on my travels I was so excited so I purchased a travel journal to track every detail of my travels down. Well that only lasted a few months, however, I love going back and reading what I wrote because they were memories in the moment and would have been forgotten if I hadn't written them down. Get a personalized one or one that you love toting around so you never forget to jot down some of those amazing moments. 

Headphones - Do not rely on the cheap headphones the flight attendants pass around. More often than not they break, only one side works, the sound quality is poor or they are just plain uncomfortable. Plus, if you are traveling solo and don't want to talk to your neighbor, they are a great deterrent. Also, they help drown out screaming babies or loud talkers. 

Healthy snacks - I have been on so many flights where the food was so bad I just couldn't bring myself to eat it. I will forever now pack health snacks to keep me full while in the air. I usually have a high protein meal before a flight to keep me full so Im not starving and my snacks keep me satisfied. 

Face and body wipes and roll on perfume - Lets face it, no one wants to be the stinky one on the flight. Face and body wipes are good for after a meal, wiping down your area on the plane or after the two hour arrival to the airport, layovers, flight changes, etc these items will make you feel more fresh and less self-conscious.

Laundry bag - I hate letting my worn clothes touch my fresh clothes so I always use a small laundry bag to separate them. 

Fabric sheets - Put a few fabric sheets in your bag to keep your clothes smelling fresh like they just came out of the dryer. 

A pen - Yup, that simple. The last but probably the most important thing to always travel with. You do not want to get off the flight and have to stand at the kiosk writing your customs document while the line just keeps growing adding to your already long journey. Always keep a pen in your travel purse, they are good to have on hand when traveling. 

The items may vary for you depending on your travel needs but for me I always make sure I have these items because I have gone to the airport before for a quick flight only to find out after checking in that the flight would be delayed hours, turning a 5 hour flight to almost a whole day of traveling. I say, always be prepared!

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